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Are there Chocolate trees in Oregon?

Quilt block 6

Quilt Block 6

Here you'll find things that I know and hear about quilting locally in Oregon.

Santiam Scrapppers Quilt Guild

The plan is to include some information concerning the Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild. Items I hope to feature will be articles about guild shows, classes, meetings, retreats, and general goings-on.

Email the Guild at

Other articles will highlight area quilting shops, sewing sales, auctions of interest, garden tips for quilters, and other important, need-to-know info for my quilting friends.

Quilt block 7

Quilt Block 7

Flowers wilt, jewelry tarnishes and candles burn out...
But chocolate doesn't hang around long enough to get old

Quilt block 8

Quilt Block 8

Chocolate is Natures way of making up for Mondays

Quilt block 9

Quilt Block 9

Elspeth's Letters

Letter Two... Steep Going

Dear Friend
   Can it be mid week already? This road is hard and so steep I fear we shall roll head over bottom all the way back to the ship from whence we came! So weary have we been each night we have stopped to make camp, that I have quickly prepared our meal while William tends the team and soon thereafter slept soundly Ôtil morn with no time to write nor stitch.
   The sites have been beyond magnificence and all the more wondrous because it is the land of the midnight sun. We must be careful to plan a time to rest, lest we go on through the night and not realize. William says that we shall soon be out of these peaks and if the wagon wheel holds. I shall be able to spend more time with my needle. For this, I shall be glad. My dear friends, quill and needle, have I missed dearly.

Your dearest



Food used for medicinal purposes, such as hot chocolate, brandy, toast and Sara Lee Cheesecake, do not have calories.

Very Important Info

Important, very important info such as the precise location of the best fishing holes. (Places a nice quilter can catch big fish like the ones in the following picture... the ones wearing the hats!)

Local Wildlife (Native to Oregon?)

As I travel the area, i'll include photos of the local wildlife and

the unique places to get a Good Drink as you travel the area's quilt shops during the annual Quilting Safari (coming in a few months)..

Plus there will be more quilting stories and letter's from Elspeth.

We have found a long forgotten trunk with some of Elspeth's original blocks and quilts. Plus, (who would believe it?) she made duplicate copies of every letter she wrote from Alaska back to her "Dear Friend" and other friends and relatives "back in the States."

from an Official Oregon Fortune Cookie...
Very little, other than chocolate, is needed to make a happy life

So all this will be coming to these very web pages. That is if the creeks don't rise and my rumatis poultices keeps on a-working.


Quilt block 10 Quilt Block 10

Quilt block 11 Quilt Block 11

Quilt block 12 Quilt Block 12


Quilt block 13 Quilt Block 13

Elspeth's Letters

Letter Three... Copper Valley Pioneers

Dear Friend,
   William and I spoke with a gentleman, much gnarled in his appearance from his life here in this rugged land I suspect. He lives in a small log cabin in the hills below the pass. Having lived here long before this road was in; he is a true pioneer of this land. He says the beautiful mountain blooms I have gathered are called lupine. They are similar to what Mama grew along the porch rail in Kentucky.
   Already my hands must whirl as I piece together my ninth block. My imagination needs no prodding to supply my needle with its task. This land the old man calls the Copper Valley looks to stretch forever and we are just following a wanderer's path in the wilderness. I must remember to thank Mama for extracting from me such quantity of handwork that makes me proficient at my skill. I shall have a cover of beautiful memories for William and me to lie beneath by journeys end.

Yours dear one